Prospect Mining Studio supports startups of all stages, forward-thinking innovators and prominent researchers as they build, pilot and scale frontier technologies that will advance the natural resource and mining industries with a focus on sustainable and socially responsible solutions. A catalyst for change in the industry, the studio is a partnership between leading Indian mining conglomerate, the Vimson Group, and innovation hub, New Lab. Each 12-month program cycle brings together startups, entrepreneurs, mining industry experts, venture partners and leading academics from across the globe to define challenges, prototype rapidly, and implement pilots at mining sites, all while building efficiencies, measuring impact and disrupting the status quo.


If you are a corporation, investor or industry expert interested in partnering with Prospect Mining Studio outside of our open call, please contact us.

  • Bring together frontier technologies and applied entrepreneurship to address the mining industry’s most pressing challenges around efficiencies, future of workforce, data optimization and reducing carbon footprint
  • Establish partnerships between mining industry leaders and innovators from startup and academic research communities
  • Validate and advance technologies to market through piloting at mining sites
  • Create unique investment deal flow to commercialize technologies and scale businesses that gain traction in the Studio
Open Call for Participants

Sep 13 – Dec 6, 2019

Prospect Mining Summit

Dec 11, 2019

Engage Phase

Jan – Jun 2020

Demo Day

Jul 2020


From Feb 2020


Prospect believes a range of emerging technologies will create impactful, scalable opportunities across the $1T mining industry. Prospect Mining Studio will touch all aspects of the mining value chain, including prospecting & surveying, exploration, mine design & planning, production, and mine closure & mitigation.


  • Mineral Discovery and Extraction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Management
  • Sustainability and Closed Loop Production
  • Waste Recovery
  • Worker Performance and Safety
  • Data and Logistics Optimization


  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Synthetic Biology, Chemistry, and Material Science
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Industrial IoT
  • Geomechanics and Geometallurgy

Applications for Prospect Mining Studio’s first Open Call are now closed. However, we are always interested in hearing from teams eager to apply their frontier technology to mining. Fill out the form below to be considered for relevant future projects and cycles of the program.

  • Have a technology relevant to at least one of the defined focus areas
  • Have a team in place with technology expertise and/or be willing to work closely with an entrepreneur-in-residence
  • Be able to commit to participation in the Engage and Pilot phases of the program
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Applications to Prospect Mining Studio are now closed. Please check back for program updates and future opportunities to get involved.


Prospect Mining seeks leading corporate and venture partners who are interested in helping drive innovation in the mining sector.  Benefits of partnership include: engagement with a curated portfolio of talented technology entrepreneurs, participation in ideation workshops, access to cutting edge research, engagement with proof-of-concepts and prototypes for partner-driven challenges, and opportunity to participate in strategic investments.

Founding partners:


If you are a mining industry leader, a researcher, or expert and would like to participate in our innovation studio focused on transformational technologies applied to the mining industry, please let us know.

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The team is comprised of leaders from Vimson Group and New Lab, who are committed to fostering entrepreneurship and creating positive change through sustainable mining. The team also includes a diverse network of experts in both the mining industry and relevant technology domains who guide and advise participating innovators as they shape the future of mining.

Shivanand Salgaocar
Chairman & Managing Director, Vimson
Vivek Salgaocar
Director, Vimson
Swati Salgaocar
Director, Vimson
Sundar Singh, PhD
CTO Mining, Vimson
Shaun Stewart
CEO, New Lab
Satish Rao, PhD
CPO, New Lab
Lynn Fischer
CMO, New Lab
Mike Larhette
CBO, New Lab
Scott Cohen
Co-founder, New Lab
Jarrod Skuglik
COO, New Lab
Sheila Fakurnejad
Program Manager, New Lab
Hannah Max
Product Manager, New Lab
Neil Cohen
Founder and Co-CEO, American Rock Salt Company LLC | Advisor
Roby Stancel
Partner, Innovation and Technology, VCI | Advisor
Stephen Gorevan
Chairman, HoneyBee Robotics | Advisor
Lesley Warren
Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining Professor of Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto | Advisor
Scott Banta, Ph. D.
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University | Advisor
Tom Gallo
Mining and Venture Advisor
Ian Gandel
Non-Executive Chairman, Alkane Resources Ltd | Advisor